Monday, October 29, 2007


All those cute little girls are already in new homes. But she is trying to arrange for us a time to go to see their other cats. All the cats are scattered around the town to different foster homes, so this is not easy to arrange. I almost feel bad for wanting to see the cats. I just have to admire people who do this just for the love of animals. It is propably very rewarding, but it can be heart breaking and hard to keep up with everything. And what do these people ask for themselves? Nothing! That I call commitment. I love animals and I am glad that I have a daytime job where I can be around them, but to do that for nothing is really demanding. I think these people are not just extremely strong, they are also very kind and they have heart as big as Empire State Building, they are heroes. (LOL, just the first one that popped into my mind) So I will be waiting for a phone call to see when will I be able to see all the kitties.

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