Friday, November 2, 2007


Well it sure is tricky this kitty adoption thingie. The place where i applied for the kittens didn't have almost any of the ones online available anymore. They neither returned our call, even the one they promised. So I went ahead to local Petco and saw two so adorable kitties, that I could not possibly decide between them, and after quite a bit of talking got agreement for two kitties.

But these kitties do not belong to Petco, they are there just for some exposure, so that someone would adopt them. There is just a business card and a note :apply online and we'll contact you in 24-48 hours... 50 hours gone now and I am getting frustrated. The cats are not obviously happy there, they have diarrhea and nobody can access their cages, so they could even be cleaned. I would get them out of there as soon as I could if I would just get interviewed... or somebody would at least contact me. I would just much rather have my cat adopted than got it free from just someone. It is more expensive, but it will help the homeless cats and dogs. But I might soon just choose some random person from the paper. I understand that they work with just volunteer staff and there's never enough of that, but just email that my application has been received would calm me down. And that could even be automated, so it wouldn't have to take anyones precious time.
I wish I had a picture of those two cuties here, but I didn't want to take it, in case they are already being adopted somewhere else, I would be too sad. If I can't get them both I will only get one cat then. No matter where the cat is adopted or bought from. I don't understand myself how this has made me really impatient, I think I should be happy thinking that maybe they are already in process of getting a wonderful and loving home, that means one less cat without loving home.
And I can't believe that as I am typing here I received an email telling me to chill out: we're going to call you, we're just volunteers and trying our best. Now I feel like total jerk.

But the email they sent said that they have one of the cats reserved for me... one... oh no, might mean that the other one is going somewhere else. Maybe that's for the best, but it will make me somewhat sad. But I am also excited now.
I have gotten very little done in last week workwise because I have concentrated my whole energy for these kittens. This is the reason why I usually try to avoid the rooms at pet stores where they have the kittens... I just cant pass them! They just suck my energy out of me, I would love to take them all home and just hug them forever. *Squeeze, squeeze, would you like to have a bite of turkey or perhaps chicken liver darling little kitty?* If my world would be a perfect place I would live in beach house, biiig beach house... rather in San Diego... where there is nobody for a mile this way and another that way... (everybody knows that place in San Diego?) and the weather would be just wonderful always and I would have many many cats and many more dogs.
Halloween-Haunted House
But because the world is not perfect there house I live in is not biiiig, it's nice size house though, but theres neighbors everywhere... and propably in 30 years this house is full of graffiti that the kids from the school on the other side of the street has made, saying that: "here lives crazy cat lady". And they would throw rocks on windows and this would be the scariest place in a city. Every Halloween people who have never seen the house before would say how good job someone did with the decoration. Not knowing, that it is all just really that creepy! Muhahahaaaa!
Tomorrow my life should be back to normal, and then I really should start creating again. I really can't wait!

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