Monday, October 29, 2007

Nerve Wrecking!

Ok, I am at the end of my witts... well, not really. I am just a little too excited about those little kitties, that not receiving an email neither a phone call on Sunday (wich would make total sense in normal state of mind) is now driving me crazy. I see all the terrible scenarios in my mind. My application lost into the data heaven or all the kitties been taken already. AAARRGGGGHHHH!
Ive been told to calm down and wait, but I have no intention of doing it. I resisted the urge to call and demand my kitten already yesterday and I will not be able to do it another day in a row. I will just burst of anticipation.
I think my cat will be first surprised, but he will be so happy to realize that there is a potential for some play and stalking... he likes to ambush. I mean... if I will get my kitty.
Lunch is a little over half an hour away and that's when the phone call is going to be done. I think before that I will have to calm myself down, they will not give anything for adoption for a person who can't wait for a day.

Sits on a floor..... crosses her legs on her lap..... joins the middle fingers with her thumbs..... puts her hands on her knees, palms facing upwards..... Inhales..... exhales..... inhales..... exhales..... hmmmmmmm.... ok, I am ready!

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