Sunday, October 21, 2007

Here we go!
Life of an artist and crafter is full of decisions. Especially when you fall in love with several different materials and you have been doing this and that since your childhood.
This is my revealing blog, I will finally get more public, I will reveal something out of me and my life as I have never done before.
The funny thing is that I grew up with bunch of kids who all wanted to be famous. Most of the time it had nothing to do with being famous because of... it was being famous for being me. It was kind of confusing to me, but I decided that sure that is something everyone wants. No, even though I thought so, I still don't want to be famous. I want my work to be famous and I will reveal myself only to get my work noticed.
Ok, the choices I was talking about I would roughly divide into two categories: what to represent and how to do it.
I'm still debating with myself on both of these choices, but I will get there soon enough.
Oh and I think I need to apologize for my typing, I do not generally use capitals or apostrophes, so if I forget to type them, or just miss spell something (English is not my first language, like you propably guessed a while ago...), so please don't be too hard on me!

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