Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Featured artist

Wow, I received an email today telling me that I have been chosen to be featured artist on That sounded so nice that ofcourse I had to go on and find out myself what is this website like. They feature different artists who have an etsy store and I think you should go to look at it yourself, it is very well made site and I feel very honored to be one of their chosen ones. Here is the link for you!

Visiting in Finland

I had a wonderful February. I visited my family in Finland and ofcourse we did a trip to Lapland to ski. And I am glad we did, since it looks like the winter never hit the Southern parts of the country. I have never seen so little snow even in North of Finland, don't get me wrong, there's plenty of it, just not as much as usually. It makes me really worry about the curse this planet has taken, but there is very little just one person can do.
Anyway, I wan't supposed to whine about the global warming, even though I have to admit that it makes even skiing difficult at times. I enjoyed my stay in Finland and I left once again with tears in my eyes back to the other side of the globe. Im so glad about computers and i-phones and such.
The ski trip itself was only for 3 days, and I think it is just great time for intensive skiing. Your body gets so tired of it in those days, but your mind would still keep going if your body just could take you up the mountain one more time.
I was supposed to snowboard, but sadly my snowboarding skills were slightly rusty and I fell and hurt myself so properly that I could not risk another fall... so skies it was from that point on. But now matter how disappointed I was not being able to snowboard, I loved every second of skiing.

The weather was very foggy and I wish there would have been blue skies behind all the snow covered trees or some Northern lights to take pictures from, but instead I was forced to forget trying to make it memorable and actually live those moments and have them in my memories.
I was so happy that my whole family (except my oldest brother) was on that trip. I gat to hang out with every one of them for few days instead of just visiting them for few hours. It was awesome!!! I sure miss them all now, and I keep going through my photos, but the best memories really are in my heart.

And reindeers really do exist! Here is the proof. How cute are they, I wish I could have them on my backyard in Texas.
The skiing is not just about skiing. Lots of times the day is built around the luches and dinners and meeting at this or that place. And every time you take your skies off, you have to eat or drink something (preferably both) so there is lots of fires all over the mountain where you can grill your hotdogs or like finnish people usually grill sausages.

The sausages are eaten with just hot mustard and lots of it...

The only shadows on this trip were for first that my sister wasn't able to ski, she had hurt her ankle few months back and it still hasnt recovered at the time. And for second, like always it ended too soon. I am always excited to get back home in Texas, but only because I have my own zoo here (dog and two cats) that can possibly not exist without me (yeah right!). Even though it is always sad to leave again, it is also relief to be back home. It is not always just a vacation, most of the time it is very stressfull time. I have lots of friends and family that want to see me and that I want to see too and in those two weeks that I spent there half of that time went for skiing, so the rest of the time went for driving from place to another.
But I hope that my siblings will visit me next, so I will get an excuse to not go to Finland, but instead have a real vacation. Don't get me wrong I want to go to Finland, but if I choose to go there for two weeks, I won't have any time left for a vacation. Going all for a vacation together could be so wonderful, but in reality propably not possible. Iwonder if there would even be a place where everybody would wanna travel?
But I have to admit that for few days my eyes rested, very much so...