Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Well, it's that time of the year again. I love Halloweens. This was just my 4th Halloween ever and the first one that I actually got dressed. Ok, so now you're thinking that what is she talking about? Halloween is next week. True, and you are totally right to be kind of confused here. But that durn day is in a middle of the week, what's up with that? It should be national holliday! Really, I do mean it. And because of that, I had a Halloween party this weekend. And ofcourse I had to choose my costume from the obvious choices, like a real Halloween newbie. Yes, I was Dorothy, and my dog was Toto. I just wish I had chosen diffirent Dorothy costume. This one had way too little fabric. I am defenitely size small or maybe sometimes medium, but I had to tug my dress down constantly and I had difficult time breathing. And the dress was size S/M. And my shoe cover thingies... AAARGHHHH!!!!! They were driving me bananas, finally I ended up with bunch of duct tape in my shoes. But it was all fun and almost everyone dressed up with a costume and they looked so great. I think I will have another party next year, but this time I will start early enough to decorate everything to be as creepy as possible, and make even all the food really gross looking. I just had no idea of all the possibilities.
Anyways, long live and learn. I had fun, but I think that next year I will have even more fun after planning carefully before hand.
But this is the day I have actually waited all night. I have wanted for a very long time to get my cat a playmate. So last night finally after thinking of it for a year almost i decided to go ahead and adopt a kitten. I hope I will manage to post these pictures too... I am not very good with this computer stuff, but I seem to be learning quite a bit all the time. So I hopefully have the picture of kittens here now...

Aren't they just adorable. I am just waiting that it gets a little closer to the noon, so I can give them a phone call and ask where my kitty is!!! There is always a chance that they are not available anymore, or that they consider that I would not be the best match for these kitties (wich I have hard time believing). But I did go ahead and filled the application online, and I hope I am not expecting things to happen too fast, but I am going to give them a call today. The house will never be the same anymore.
Though could be possible that I am getting myself into something where there is no turning back from... I am a handfull allready by myself, and then to add a wild kitty into the mix... hahaa! My cat brings me rats, so he keeps me entertained pretty much every night, don't have to look for things to do, cause if he didn't kill them (it's almost like bringing somebody fresh bagels) I will have to chase them down. Luckily it has only happened once, other times my dog has killed them. This is all just so gross. And for a first time for a long time I could have had peaceful sleep last night, but I decided in my sleep to take the can of pepsi from the window sill and dump it into the bed. Well... I got really good wake up and had to start doing laundry in a middle of the night. So now on top of that I have a dog and a cat and hopefully that new bundle of joy!
I will try to kill time today by making new designs with my beads... I need time to go fast, my kitty is anxious to get into her new home! I am just so exited. Have to think about a name too. It has to be very good, I'd prefer a Finnish name.... *puts on her thinking hat*. I feel very relaxed and calm, even though I am exited and can't wait, but I have this really cheezy feeling of the little kitty just solving all the problems in a world. She is just so full of positive energy that all negativity just disintegrates into the wind and gets carried away. Do not wake me up from my beautiful dream!

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