Sunday, November 21, 2010

Finally my Etsy is running again!

I have finally opened my Etsy store again. I have some beads and also some supplies there for sale. The supplies are Striking Color rods, since lots of people were not able to purchase them when they went for sale on Striking Color webstore at Etsy and at the Artfire. I have been fortunate enough to score some, and I am willing to spread the wealth around for those who didnt get any. So go check my store right now! I swear they won't last long when the word spreads around.
I have also started a new exchange on LE about silver murrinis, each one of us pulls 3 different silver murrini canes, and we exchange the canes, and the beads made out of those murrinis, and I will put together a tutorial of the recipies for each murrini. Everyone joining the exchange will receive their copy of the tutorial at no cost. So if silver murrinis are your thang, and you'd like to get more recipies to make them, now is the time to join. The deadline for signing up hasnt been decided yet, but the deadline to submit your beads and murrinis, will be the end of February 2011.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Turning of a page

I feel like I am finally getting to the point in my life that I have balance between work, home and glass! To get there I unfortunatelly had to quit my job at the operating room, but I got equally good job at the ICU at the same hospital where I worked. I loved OR, but I am sure I will love this job too. The good thing is that my schedule will finally change to one that will accomodate also my personal life, leaving time for my wonderful husband, and also for my obsession with glass.
I have tried to catch up in last 4 months what I have forgotten in past years, and I found this wonderful on-line forum that I joined. There is no limit to the friendliness of the people, or to their willingness to help with whatever. If it is about glass, or glass related things, they are eager to share their knowledge and experiences. And even if it doesnt have anything to do with glass, they are just as happy to pitch in.
I have been able to learn about new glasses, and new techniques from the forum, and boy have they changed in last few years. Most of the time, I have spent experimenting with whatever I feel like I need to learn, and that does not seem to run out any time soon. So far I havent had any days that I would have felt like I was productive, learning takes time, and often the whole time goes by so fast, I have barely started, when it is time to finish for the day. The frustration is huge when I realize that I did not make really anything, just tried certain glasses or colors, or tried to practise one or the other thing. And my annealer is echoing from the emptines, just accompanied by ugly color combinations, and wonky beads. But at least I feel like I will be able to get there... now that I can devote some time for glass, without taking the only precious moments away with my husband.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Back in business!

I am so ready to dive back into the glass. I have taken a way too long break, and now I'm all fired up for the new round.
I will post some pictures, start selling on Etsy again, and keep updating my blog.
You will see! :o)

Lots of has happened since last time, Lee and I got married, and we moved, but now we live in a house where I have a chance to start building my hot shop. Hope that will happen some day, until that I will do what ever I can on torch!