Saturday, November 10, 2007

Finally home!

So my adoption is finally done. I have a cute little cat, that I named after a hockey player. I know it is not like me at all, but the name just suits him so well, so here is Zubov! I know it's not the best picture, had to cover his glowing irises with black paint too :o).
He is the best behaving cat I have ever seen. He plays like 4 month old kitten should... like crazy, but he never uses his claws, never bites, doesn't climb up your legs, doesn't scratch the furniture. But he has one flaw, he purrs like a cartoon bear agains my ear when I sleep. Or it would be a flaw if I didn't love it.
So I was only able to adopt one cat, cause the other one was already in the adoption process, but I think it was just for the best. The cat is not allowed (this is the animal rescue organization's rules) to go outside... so now I had to keep my 6 year old outdoor cat indoors only. He isn't too happy about the situation, but he is getting used to it after one week. At least I don't have to worry about him getting in trouble or danger, but I think he would really enjoy going outside. There has been talk about building a screen to the patio, so he could still go out, but not be able to leave the patio... I think he would love it.
The most surprising move came from my dog, she seems to love that little kitten, but then again, I am not very surprised, since he is so well behaving.
Life is so good.

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