Monday, January 28, 2013

Bead Soup Party!!! It is here!!!

Some of you are well aware of the Bead Soup Party but those who aren't here comes a short explanation. Bead Soup Party is a blog hop party that starts by signing up for the event, signing up has unfortunately now ended, so you will have to just wait for the next one but don't worry another one is probably already in plans. Once all willing have signed up, the event organizer Lori will pair people and let them know who they are paired with. Now we are supposed to send one focal, one special clasp and some coordinating beads to our recipient. We are also going to get similar package in return and out of those beads we will make some jewelry and on some set reveal days post the pictures and story on our blogs. Our blogs will be then published to all the other people who joined and we can hop on all those blogs oohing and aahing all the wonderful creations. I am so happy to have joined, this will be my first bead soup party! I am going to send some of my lampworked beads and when it comes to the clasp, I will have to go shopping!
So come back to see the goodies!!!

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