Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wind of Change

I have started blogging about the upcoming change in our lives. We have decided that after years of just working hard, it is time to start enjoying the life. Well, we are going to move into an RV full time, and now you are invited to follow the process. The plan is to travel and enjoy our lives, when we get tired of one place we move to the next one. I am still trying to figure out if I can pack up my glass studio and go mobile with it, or if I am just going to move to the jewelry making, that I can take with me anywhere I go.

Join us at I promise it will be a whole lot of going back and forth, until we actually get going. I will be sharing recipes, pictures and of course once we get onto the road, I will be sharing images and tales from our adventures. So far we are still tied to the house, we need to sell it, sell our small RV and get rid of whole bunch of stuff. If you have any advice as how to take a glass studio onto the road, hop in and write a comment, they will be very appreciated.


Babette said...

Boy, am I ever going to be following your blog more closely, Pia. You and your husband are really going to do this, eh? Well, how interesting this will be. I hope it goes well for you and that you have lots of great adventures along the way. Dang, I was still waiting for you to show me how to work with your silver glass murrini that I bought from you. . Guess that ain't happening, huh?

Pia Kaven said...

Babette, it isn't going to happen very soon, we are working towards it, but the progress seems to take forever. :D

Pia Kaven said...

spot heat the area where you want to put the murrini, once it is on you bead flash it through the flames few times to heat it carefully so it wont crack (remember to reheat your murrini too. Bring the bead towards the flame and let the flame heat the murrini evenly, keeping the murrini pointing downwards. This will stretch the stripes, and you get more stripes than center. Once it is all melted and rounded up, take a cold brass spatula or magic wand and press the murrini level with the rest of the bead. Make sure the rest of the bead will stay warm enough not to crack, and let the murrini cool down, let it cool as long as you dare without letting the bead crack, and then introduce carefully back to the flame, this should strike it. Now you have to put it to the annealer. So if you plan on murrinis, put them on last. Hope this helps!