Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Search for an inspiration and motivation

I had very odd day today. I usually am full of energy and ideas when I go to torch, and it gets almost overwhelming to decide how to start, cause there are just so many things I want to do. Well, today I had no such problems, my inspiration was totally lost! I decided to start with making few pairs of beads for ear rings, since I am taking a part in an ear ring exchange. My way of making the ear ring pairs is to make them in one mandrel, to get them the right size. But this time I decided to use bead rollers to get them exactly the same size. When ever I was using the bead roller, one of my beads would break lose, and I would have to finish them as itty bitty single beads. I was so upset about it, that I totally lost my concentration and inspiration for the rest of the day.
I tried few new things, but was not happy with the results, and decided that I needed to end the session with a good note. I decided to make a tornado bead, the technique that I use often, but used new colors for me. I had used both base, and encasement color before, but never together, nor in the tornado bead. I was pleased with the results, the bead looks pretty, especially in person. But I remained unhappy with the way my session had gone.
I was just wondering what do people do to calm themselves down when things are not going like they should? Is there some way of getting calm in an instant, or is there something that one could do, that would ease up the racing (or raging) mind? I found out, that after several unsuccessful attempts I needed to have at least one positive, just to keep my sanity. I did accomplish that, but I was still upset of how much time I had wasted getting nothing done.
I will try to work on getting re-organized and concentrate on the fun and positive aspects of creating. But sometimes it is really difficult to achieve, when you feel like you are failing. How to inspire and motivate yourself then?
I know so many talented artists, that keep creating day after another amazing stuff, and I bet they have days when they feel like failures, but they bounce right back and just keep going, I'd just like to know how they do it.

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