Sunday, November 21, 2010

Finally my Etsy is running again!

I have finally opened my Etsy store again. I have some beads and also some supplies there for sale. The supplies are Striking Color rods, since lots of people were not able to purchase them when they went for sale on Striking Color webstore at Etsy and at the Artfire. I have been fortunate enough to score some, and I am willing to spread the wealth around for those who didnt get any. So go check my store right now! I swear they won't last long when the word spreads around.
I have also started a new exchange on LE about silver murrinis, each one of us pulls 3 different silver murrini canes, and we exchange the canes, and the beads made out of those murrinis, and I will put together a tutorial of the recipies for each murrini. Everyone joining the exchange will receive their copy of the tutorial at no cost. So if silver murrinis are your thang, and you'd like to get more recipies to make them, now is the time to join. The deadline for signing up hasnt been decided yet, but the deadline to submit your beads and murrinis, will be the end of February 2011.

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