Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Murrini murrini murrini!

So I decided to sell some of my leftover murrini on the glass forum where I hang out most of my free time. I was surprised by the reception, and had to get back on my torch to make some more for the extra requests. I am not really crazy about making the murrini, but I really love to use them, and I want them to be made by me. Kinda shooting myself on a foot here, but I just gotta keep making it. And I do love trying new ideas, it is just the process of making it that I dont like too much. I can't even really explain why, I just think it takes way too long and is just annoying. But yet I keep making more. And I find it even difficult to do just one, I side track and make several different ones. So which is it, pain in a butt or obsession???

I just wish I had a furnace to make the murrini with, would be soooo much faster, and I actually like doing that kinda stuff in a big scale! Cutting the chips... not so much. I think I need to work on my attitude, and get excited about the murrini making, since I am going to be making it anyhow, I might as well enjoy the whole process, not just using the chips.
Weird, people are just weird sometimes...


Daniela Ellenberger said...

Your murrinis look so beautiful, just let me know when you have to many of them.

Pia Kaven said...

Hey Daniela, if you want some murrinis, I can add some onto my etsy store, or if you are on LE, just send a pm to me. My username is piakaven. :o)
And thank you for your comment, it is appreciated.