Sunday, December 9, 2007

Wonderful life

Well things didn't go as smoothly with the new kitten as I expected. My old cat never adapted to indoor living, so the nights were very sleepless until I gave up and let him out again. The only challenge is to allow the older cat to come and go freely without the kitten learning to use the cat door. Might end up just being a dream... but...
One of the other things that doesn't make me too excited is the litter box. My old cat never uses one, since he is outdoor cat when it comes to going to bathroom. And this new kid on a block is really enthusiastic about digging and throwing the litter all over the place. So I have a mission and it is to teach him to go to actual toilet. And this is the situation where you don't know if you should laugh or cry. Part of the training includes the cat using a metallic mixing bowl as their box... and it is placed inside the toilet bowl, under the ring. Well... the litter keeps falling to the bottom of the bowl and the cat keeps throwing it more and more furiously finally outside the bowl to create some sort of hole to the litter. So now that bathroom is out of every other use than kitty training, it just is too messy for anything else. If you sneak to the shower after cleaning the litter from the floor and rug, you can be sure that when you come out of your shower, it has all returned. Luckily it is not the only bathroom in a house, or this experiment would have been over already. He is a smart cat and learning fast, but so far it has been just getting used to different things, now starts the real training to new things, and I am worried that it won't be as easy anymore.
Sometimes I keep thinking that life would be so much easier if I wouldn't like animals so much. But I am willing to go ways with these critters, they make my life so colorful and fun. I believe that my pets have made me into me... And I wouldn't change a day I get to hang out with them, except today... and you would not wonder why if you would see the bathroom. I will not be sorry though when he has finally learned to use it... and if not... I will just wonder for the rest of my life what was I thinking trying to create such insane mess in the bathroom.

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